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Webcasting Services in Mumbai

We provide with effective Video Live Streaming services for broadcasting your event on websites, social platforms and TV Channels. 

As we all know,  physical events are usually limited to the space available at a given venue, but with our service of webcasting – live streaming you can invite as many people as you want on digital platforms to ‘Attend’ your event. Consequently, your event will get more reach and popularity.

In short, our live streaming – Webcasting services in Mumbai offers seemingly endless possibilities for connecting with your audience. Similarly, using our live streaming services you can add live texts/captions and advertisements to your stream too.


What can we live stream/ WEBCAST


We Stream live  Events with Multiple Cameras


We stream live corporate conference and meetng

Holy Places

We stream live House of worship

Private Steaming

IP to IP Private Live Stream

Online Courses

We stream Educational live online courses


We Stream Sport events 

Usually, post production work is a tough job to do and if you want to reach you audience as faster as you can, than you need to switch to Live Stream / Webcasting. 

Live streaming / webcasting services in Mumbai is available 24×7. Besides, less space and lesser time to setup, our clients get a Full HD Live video output simultaneously, at 4 multiple live streaming sources such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch etc.

Live Stream WEBCASTING Destination

TV Channel

You Tube



We have the ability to create broadcast quality output with our modern and advanced equipments. Consequently, our quality can easily go ‘On Air’ on TV channels because, we fulfill the eligibility criterias and guidelines which are been laid down by TV channels in terms of quality requirements. Nevertheless, we can also stream from those venues where internet connections are not easily available.


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Event Management

Multi Camera Mixing

Video Shoot

Wedding Shoot

2DAnimation Explainer Video

Webcasting Services in Mumbai



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8K Entertainment and Media Production is a Webcasting-Live streaming Service Provider in Mumbai. We offer single as well as Multi Camera Live Streaming-Webcasting Services in Mumbai 

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