Multi Camera Setup For Events

What is Multi Camera setup ?

Shooting an event with more than one camera and to club the multiple cameras footage together with one master output is called Online Video Mixing, Multi camera Video Mixing or  Live Video Production.

 Therefore, television reality shows, concert/theater videos , conference, award ceremonies and  weddings often utilize Multi camera editing

What we do ?


Online Video mixing is all about placing the cameras at the right angles, focusing on each and every camera, shot taking abilities, proper shot taking commands to cameraman’s and quickness of placing the right shot online at the right time. 

therefore, to handle all the above live actions, We have professional cameramen & Mixer operators(VM) having an experience of working in TV Channels.

What Equipment's We Have for multi camera setup ?

Video Equipment’s and Cameras on Rent

Video Mixer - Multi Camera Setup for events
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4K Black Magic Video Mixer

4K Video Recorder

Wireless Talkbacks

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Setup

Videography Services

4K Video Camera

Videography Services

DSLR Cameras

Videography Services

Jimmy JIb

Drone on hire -Videography Services
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Drone Camera

multi camera setup


Our Areas of Working

Live Events

TV Reality Shows

Theater Plays

Apart from Multi Camera Setup for events, we also offer Video Mixer, Video Cameras, Drone, Jimmy Jib,  Gimbals, DSLR Camera on rental basis. But, please note that the above equipment will be provided on rent with operators. 

Why Choose us ?

We have the ability to create broadcast quality output with our modern and advanced equipments. Our quality can easily go ‘On Air’ on TV channels as we fulfill the eligibility criteria’s and guidelines  laid down by broadcasting channels in terms of quality requirements.

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Event Management

Multi Camera Mixing

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8K Entertainment and Media Production is a Event Management and Video -Film Production Company in Mumbai,  We also offer Multi camera setup for live streaming , Video Equipment’s and Cameras on rental basis. 

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